Chicago Architecture Info




Address 1 North Halsted Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607
Neighborhood West Town
Built 2002
Architecture firm Perkins + Will
Architect Ralph Johnson
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Skyscraper
Height 421 feet
Floors 39
Cost $75,000,000


  • The skybridge portion of this building extends over a wooden deck with seating areas residents of the building's penthouses.
  • The steel column holding up the skybridge is four feet in diameter.
  • The gap between the two towers is 250-feet tall.


2002 Construction was completed.


At first glance, this building appears unfinished. Or perhaps it was winged by a passing meteor. But this is architecture. Award-winning architecture.

Skybridge was one of the first developments to usher in a new era of modern residential living in the area just west of the Kennedy Expressway. Though most people will notice the beckoning half-arbor that extends the roof line over the northern deck, there are other features worth noting.

At Skybridge, balconies are no longer the domain of people who live on the corners of buildings. The tower features an inset light well that gives residents dozens more opportunities to step out and take in a warm Chicago summer night. Or perhaps grill a hot dog while absorbing the beauty of the main city skyline virtually at their doorstep. But all this is part of the illusion. Rather than a space carved out of a tower, the building is actually constructed as two towers with glass-enclosed walkways connecting the two.